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This video is a collection of all of the delicious foods that I have had since I came to college. College has certainly been a culinary adventure.


I made a podcast about the hamburger restaurants I visited during Spring Break at Disneyland. The happiest place on Earth and burgers? Life is good.

I also made a brochure on lamb.  Poor lamb is always being forgotten and has so many misconceptions about it. It just needed a friend.

Photoshop Shenanigans

I decided that I had this lovely picture of a sheep I raised last year that I wanted to use in several of my projects this year.  Unfortunately, it was too big, and the colors were terrible.  I know, a photojournalist with a terrible picture, but give me a break.  I was using a terrible camera.

First of all, I took the picture and through the magic of Photoshop made it a lot smaller. Woot. Now I could use it on my blog, well sort of. I saved it using the “save to web” feature on Photoshop so it wouldn’t kill people’s internet.

I went back to the raw photo, and it made me cry. For my Indesign brochure I thought I’d take some time and color correct the photo. I fixed all of the black on the sheep’s head (trust me, sheep heads are indeed quite dark black). I also changed the size to be smaller than the original but still larger than the blog post one. Now the picture doesn’t burn my eyes so much.

So after all of this photo editing in Photoshop, I just wanted to have some fun. Going back to my original raw photograph, I changed the colors a bit just to make me happier, re-sized it because I seriously didn’t need that huge of a picture of a sheep and applied a filter. Crazy artistic-ness for the win. Photoshop is so much fun sometimes.


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