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Jul. 23rd, 2011 09:36 pm
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{003-} 03.14.15 - No-Cert Mastery, Hit, Spindle, Honor, Island and Summer got winter13, winter15, winter16, winter17, winter18, huns09, huns11, huns13, huns14, huns15, atlantica10, humanity20, anchor05, time15, ping07, scissor17, kyuubi17, visor04, replica14 and shift12.
{003-} 03.14.15 - Mastery, Winter got huns16, huns18, atlantica05 and ping09.
{003-} 03.14.15 - No-Cert Mastery, Winter got huns19, candy20, 13th05 and humanity05.
{003-} 03.14.15 - Mastery, Huns got candy16, candy18, mariner10 and tensai08.
{003-} 03.14.15 - No-Cert Mastery, Huns got candy14, candy15, claymore12 and first18.

{0784} 07.09.14 - Traded taser11 for bloom16 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{0785} 07.13.14 - Traded doctor16 for snap13 from [ profile] margerydaw_s2.
{0786} 07.26.14 - Traded byakugan05 for fury10 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{0787 + 12 = 0799} 07.26.14 - Traded eer19, bounty12, dark08, dreams10, dynames08, exia17, justice14, loveless19, pretear08, pretear19, robot12, senpai20, shield06, steel10, toad01, wind03, wind12, wind15, wind17, wind18, winter04 for fury20, growl19, howl06, howl04, howl14, shift05, nest05, nest08, nest15, island13, island14, honorary03, honorary11 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{08--} 07.26.14 - Received visored17 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{08--} 08.04.14 - Traded zorashia08 for scatter15 from [ profile] rashiea.
{08--} 09.07.14 - Received 11th15, 13th06, amnesia19, april02, april04, dexter26, forget01, fox16, fuuin49, gavinners03, genome12, gundam02, hachi09, heavy12, heir10, idiot03, idiot10, kailu20, kaiser12, knowledge08, kyuubi10, lexus12, mercury06, mercury13, monkey14, mystery19, objection11, photos07, pokedex60, puu15, reis16, rekka05, sage04, ballet17, bath09, digidestined11 from Uri.
{0800 + 2 = 0802} 09.19.14 - Traded brigade, growl11, growl12 for bloom02, bloom06, bloom12, quincy07, scatter12 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0803 + 2 = 0805} 09.19.14 - Traded knowledge10, resist12, automail18 for gamuza17, snap03, 11th06 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{0806 + 2 = 0808} 09.21.14 - Traded gambler16, squirrel03, squirrel16 for shift12, bloom04, betrayal13 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{0809 + 0810} 09.21.14 - Traded farsketched & negaverse09 for bloom11, bloom14, snap01, snap05, snap15, from [ profile] rashiea.
{0811} 09.21.14 - Traded broom10 and minions134 for nest03 from [ profile] kyriefluffins.
{08--} 09.4.14 - Received growl07 from wish-come-true.
{08--} 09.13.14 - Received growl13 from wish-come-true.
{0812 + 3 = 0815} 10.9.14 - Traded child02, crossover10, flying19, kitsune05 for snap17, visored11, visored19, island12 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0816 + 9 = 0825} 10.16.14 - Traded chibi02, cuffs10, fridge06, fridge09, mana08, truth10, truth11, saturn04, unlucky08, victory01, victory10 for fun17, fury08, fury11, fury18, snap02, snap06, snap16, visored06, honorary20, island10 from [ profile] rashiea.
{082-} 10.16.14 - Exchanged cameo03 for gamuza08 from card exchange.
{0826 + 9 = 0835} 10.16.14 - Traded dice15, gurren04, idiot14, memory02, memory11, onigiri02, onigiri04, onigiri20, peach05, peach09, shadow16, split08, symmetry09, taijiya05, taijiya06, taijiya08, voice01 for fun02, fun10, visored18, island03, island06, nest06, nest09, nest10, nest11, nest14 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0836 + 13 = 0849} 10.17.14 - Traded deceit06, deceit16, gavinners02, giraffe06, funsized02, monster12, youkai06, youkai08, youkai20, namek15, ox04, ward03, engaged20, junsenkyo19 , mazoku18, believe18, healer03, and fighter19 for snowman06, spindle09, spindle10, summer02, summer04, summer06, summer07, winter04, honor05, honor08, island01, walt10, honorary08, honoary16 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{08--} 12.27.14 - Received hit01 from wish-come-true.
{0850 - 0857} 12.27.14 - Traded neptune09, neptune17, partner02, partner09, partner13, region03, snow01, region07 for replica12, huns07, huns12, summer18, honor16, walt15, winter10, walt02 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{0858} 12.27.14 - Traded minions99 for summer16 from [ profile] kyriefluffins.
{08--} 12.27.14 - Event - Fall 2014, exchanged boiler12 and fanservice08 for beach, undefined and robe.
{08--} 12.27.14 - Received atlantis01 from wish-come-true.
{0859} 12.27.14 - Traded kitsune20 for fun04 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0860} 12.27.14 - Traded galactica03 for nest13 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0861 - 0891} 12.27.14 - Traded ashes02, ashes19, battousai18, boxing19, caipidi01, caipidi03, carrier02, corsican14, eizo17, first17, first19, gundam02, gundam09, gundam19, heir02, heir12, heir14, moero18, ogre01, rod15, sand04, sand18, seiryu15, shiranui08, shuusaku12, siberian02, squirrel05, squirrel09, squirrel20, teeth03, teeth15, teeth17, vice13, wood03, wood05, wood12, zorashia06 for bessie16, bessie17, hit08, hit09, honor02, honor10, honor11, honor17, honor18, huns01, huns03, huns06, huns08, huns17, ping03, ping20, replica03, snowman02, snowman05, snowman09, snowman17, snowman19, spindle18, winter06, winter11, walt03, walt06, walt08, walt13, walt16, walt20 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{0903 - 0920} 12.28.14 - Traded anchor16, castanets18, celestial, fox10, fox13, fox20, greil04, greil06, heartless19, losing10, mentor07, oracle05, pan39, pan44, puu02, puu15, pan25, puu20, resist04, spindle17, white horse, windam09 for atlantis14, atlantis15, bessie07, bessie10, claymore02, claymore04, claymore11, claymore19, fun14, fun19, island08, nest12, walt05, walt09, walt12, walt17, walt18, walt19 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0921 - 0923} 12.29.14 - Traded soldier08, talk20, boiler12, bureau08 for replica01, walt07, claymore07 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{0924 - 0927} 1.2.15 - Traded pokedex80, camellia12, camellia02, camellia07 for winter01, winter02, fun16, honor20 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0928 - 0957} 12.23.15 - Traded hachi04, hachi10, hachi18, lancelot16, lancelot20, light14, logic09, logic14, loner06, loner16, mist11, moe03, moe06, moe10, moe13, moe16, necro13, necro14, necro15, neko07, nfu14, pride07, pride12, prodigy06, prodigy10, rain05, rain10, rain16, right09, shaman11, tiger01 for atlantis07, atlantis11, atlantis13, bessie01, bessie03, bessie04, bessie12, bessie13, bessie14, claymore10, claymore17, fun18, hit03, hit19, honor14, honor19, huns02, nest02, ping02, ping10, ping11, reindeer02, reindeer04, reindeer05, reindeer06, reindeer08, replica05, replica09, replica11, replica20 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0958 - 0959} 12.25.15 - Traded mercury16, rookie17 for summer03, snowman07 from [ profile] caterfree10.
{09-- - 09--} 12.29.14 - Hot Pot Event cherry12, destiny01, destiny05, destiny101, destiny102, destiny111, acorn06, alchemy15, at08, destiny113, destiny115, destiny23, destiny23, destiny26, destiny26, destiny27, destiny27, destiny29, destiny37, destiny40, destiny48, destiny59, destiny66, destiny89, destiny91, destiny97, distant15, drink20, eat02, forest17, frown06, fuuin01, fuuin08, fuuin20, fuuin20, fuuin22, fuuin37, fuuin39, fuuin48, fuuin49, guns06, gurren10, heir16, hunter10, jellopy100, jellopy51, jellopy53, jellopy74, jellopy74, jellopy77, jellopy81, jellopy94, jenova04, kailu07, mercury06, minions104, minions119, minions145, minions27, minions37, minions42, minions57, minions58, minions58, minions64, minions71, moe03, normal14, normal15, normal08, norse09, onigiri03, producer11, punisher18, rekka02, rekka05, rekka05, rekka09, rekka18, rekka26, rekka26, rekka30, rekka34, relative19, rival02, swallow20, thief07, tiger01, tiger01, triforce06, trigger08, visor08, windam04, servant13, servant18, kompeito17, lost02, lost03, burn10, burn13, left03, left16, key01, key06, photos01, photos07, photos19, sitar08, sky17, colonel17, buster01, buster02, buster09, buster12, buster14, heart06, heart09, symmetry11, blitz04, blitz09, blitz14, blitz20, jenova04, sketch04, sketch05, sketch07, chaos04, griever01, owls12, drill08, drill20, madness12, soldier02, soldier08, dust04, ice05, typhoon04, typhoon15, guard12, guard17, dice01, dice19, gurren07, gurren10, bounty04, bounty18, bounty19, grin20, pantera13, berry16, automail10, watchdog19, punisher05, punisher18, hat03, hat05, hat12, butler02, butler05, butler06, honey03, mystery19, howl14, betrayal18, bloom13, scatter01, scatter11, gamuza04, snap05, snap12, snap20, fury10, dexter26, dexter39, dexter52, dexter55, dexter66, dexter88, bite06, guns16, jupiter07, light14, lion01, magician13, mars06, rabbit20, sacrifice07, white02, attack10, ballet07, ballet08, ballet17, bath09, cameo03, fanservice02, fanservice19, galactica07, galaxy06, gotei06, homicide04, island09, legend09, lock07, lock08, mafia05, mafia10, make-up03, make-up12, mysterious09, mysterious14, negaverse01, play06, pun12, shinra03, tau01, tau02, tau04, tau08, walt15, xxxg02, zanpakutou01 for 18 vegetables, 181 stock, protein, starch, condiments.
{0960 - 0969} 1.19.14 - Traded clemente02, clemente09, emperor13, emperor14, flash08, flash15, jewel07, orpheus19, sun12, suther09, suther12 for atlantis10, atlantis13, atlantis18, honor01, huns04, snowman11, snowman12, hit07, claymore20, walt04, winter19 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{09-- - 09--} 2.26.14 - Received atlantis04 from wish-come-true.
{0970 - 0972} 3.3.15 - Traded boar03, tensai10, tensai19 for reindeer10, reindeer12, reindeer13 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0973 - 0980} 3.11.15 - Traded chosen15, dancer20, future19, guns14, inventor13, inventor17, shenhu13, thief15, water09 for reindeer16, reindeer17, reindeer20, spindle11, snowman01, snowman13, snowman14, snowman17, snowman20 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0980 - 0988} 3.12.15 - Traded pokedex144, damsel05, honor13, mercury06, mercury09, mercury13, venus06, reports32, reports73 for reindeer03, reindeer11, hit06, winter14, spindle08, spindle12, spindle16, spindle20, claymore05 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{09-- - 09--} 3.12.15 - Received atlantica01, atlantica04, replica04 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{0989 - 0990} 3.13.15 - Traded chauffeur03, jailbait17 for hit20, replica07 from [ profile] rashiea.
{0991 - 0992} 3.13.15 - Traded armband and fastball for summer01, summer05, summer08, summer09, summer11 and summer12 from [ profile] mmrobitussin.
{0993 - 0994} 3.13.15 - Traded genome15 and loyal10 for humanity01 and humanity08 from [ profile] rashiea.
{099-} 3.13.15 - Exchanged stock for hit15 and candy03 from event card exchange.
{0995 - 1020} 3.16.15 - Traded celestial, cherry12, chibi03, cuffs07, fuuin12, hunter11, hunter13, hunter20, job08, jusenkyo19, knit08, objection06, sage04, sage11, sage14, secretary01, seiken19, seiken20, short16, teacher06, trigger03, trigger13, trigger17, warrior04, warrior07 and warrior18 for bessie02, bessie11, bessie15, bessie20, composer03, composer04, composer06, composer08, composer11, composer18, create03, create08, create16, create20, guppy02, guppy08, guppy10, guppy17, humanity02, humanity12, humanity19, mariner01, mariner12, mariner16, ping16, replica02 and replica19 from [ profile] rashiea.

Activity Log Archive I from 06.26.11 to 06.21.12.
Activity Log Archive II from 06.24.12 to 11.12.12.
Activity Log Archive III from 11.13.12 to 03.13.14.

Trade Log Archive I from 06.27.11 to 06.27.13.
Trade Log Archive II from 06.27.13 to 06.30.14.
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