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Activity logs from 11.13.12 to 03.13.14.
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{003-} 11.18.12 - Card Exchange, exchanged amnesia01 and wishes04 for wishes08.
{003-} 11.20.12 - Mod Pay, got spira02, saiyan02, owls14, normal19, growl06, sms16, away18, unwanted17, artemis15, grin11 and four11.
{003-} 11.28.12 - Mod Pay, got sharingan18, ward19, hat14 ,saiyan09, lock01, fto15, fuuin59, magic08, light14, minions102 and rekka18.
{003-} 12.01.12 - Level Up, level 11, got 1 a cert, shark08, colonel16, robot12, memory02, minions138, varia19, pokedex147, wishes12, rayearth07, rain08 and ise10.
{003-} 12.02.12 - Card Exchange, exchanged dice18, dust09 and legend07 for crusnik07.
{003-} 12.02.12 - Mastery, got wishes09, wishes15, soldier01 and zanpakutou16.
{003-} 12.02.12 - Mastered 25 Decks, got 1 s cert, dies16, fuuin59, viola13, hueg09, owls17, producer09, sms19, bad12, shinra06 and priest02.
{003-} 12.02.12 - Card Exchange, exchanged fuuin59 and varia19 for wishes01.
{003-} 12.02.12 - Mastery, got owls08, owls09, jupiter13 and heart06.
{003-} 12.05.12 - Mod Pay, got animals03, truth11, grasper19, warrior08, catcher16, minions72, booty17, genome07, broom10, blast05 and bossy14.
{003-} 12.09.12 - Card Exchange, exchanged mafia16 for owls18.
{003-} 12.13.12 - Mod Pay, got morph12, grasper08, cynic08, sketch12, dreams18, unlucky04, disguise12, drill20, talismans03, alchemy08 and blue01.
{003-} 12.16.12 - Card Exchange, exchanged mafia17 for owls04.
{003-} 12.23.12 - Mod Pay, got broom06, minions95, rival02, hachi17, southern05, sorry09, right16, detective04, heart07, illegal20 and sandrock02.
{003-} 12.27.12 - Mod Pay, got silent13, bunter08, gene02, pan03, servant13, engeve14, knowledge02, lancelot20, hope19, priest18 and cameo05.
{003-} 01.14.13 - New Deck Comments, got madness02, madness09 and madness13.
{003-} 01.14.13 - Mod Pay, got neptune09, thrill11, kyuubi02, fridge19, quest14, mafia02, hosts11, cameo07, visor14, right02 and ocarina07.
{003-} 01.14.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged mafia02 for owls02.
{003-} 01.14.13 - Mastery, got dies08, madness05, silent01 and silent03.
{003-} 01.14.13 - Mod Pay, got jupiter07, madness18, spira12, cameo14, rose05, esper17, fto16, talk03, actress20, ocarina06 and mentor20.
{003-} 01.21.13 - Mod Pay, got buster09, zanpakutou17, spear16, fuuin30, ox06, fish12, camellia08, evolve19, martel07, rose09 and cameo17.
{003-} 01.21.13 - Mastery, got priest03, priest06, madness06 and zanpakutou19.
{003-} 01.24.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged lock01 for priest19.
{003-} 01.24.13 - Mastery, got cameo06, minions58 and madness08.
{003-} 02.02.13 - Mod Pay, got normal02, cosplay08, limbs09, bureau10, fashion19, ally16, resist06, mist11, nerd11, blue05 and dove20.
{003-} 02.05.13 - Mod Pay, got honey09, madness20, extreme14, taser16, dies11, carrot20, medic02, minions69, novelist08, zanpakutou06 and vision18.
{003-} 02.14.13 - Mod Pay, got extreme14, tiger14, heir18, wishes16, mist13, spear12, madness13, normal07, typhoon11, boiler04 and talk04.
{003-} 02.21.13 - Mod Pay, got kurain19, punisher03, gotei12, jenova04, secret06, visored05, occult06, forest15, exorcist11, seer03 and ox15.
{003-} 03.05.13 - Mod Pay, got fridge19, tongue10, blitz04, thief07, wolf19, exsphere14, esper13, elysion07, betrayal04, job08 and owls03.
{003-} 03.22.13 - Mod Pay, got bath06, hachi04, dust06, guide01, destiny73, wind18, puppet19, giraffe08, typhoon15, celes07 and lunar08.
{003-} 03.22.13 - Mod Pay, got bite06, plum07, duck19, knowledge16, short15, neko07, rabbit13, dexter04, jellopy74, lion04 and ishval02.
{003-} 04.01.13 - Card Shop, got ice05.
{003-} 04.19.13 - Card Shop, got ice19.
{003-} 05.11.13 - Mod Pay, got chibi10, steel17, punisher05, guide07, scar18, novelist19, pizza18, heart09, dreams10, growl11 and fashion14.
{003-} 05.11.13 - Mod Pay, got key01, dymlos09, hell07, oresama01, job16, nine17, prey11, jusenkyo20, usagi05, energy10 and blue08.
{003-} 05.11.13 - Mod Pay, got persocom13, buster13, growl11, pokedex104, cross03, chopin05, seiryu06, griever01, kurain16, giraffe07 and watchdog08.
{003-} 05.11.13 - Card Shop, got youkai06.
{003-} 05.12.13 - Card Shop, got tensai08.
{003-} 05.12.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged tensai08, youkai06, seer03 and growl11 for cameo12.
{003-} 05.12.13 - Mastery, got away19, dexter42, youkai20, destiny27, shinra11 and shinra16.
{003-} 05.12.13 - Mastery, got actor19, blast18, carrot16, dies05, dies09 and dies18.
{003-} 06.27.13 - Certificate Exchange, got reports06, reports07, reports08 and reports10.
{003-} 07.08.13 - Summer Mod Event, got blueberry, cherry, mint, orange, raspberry and berry.
{003-} 07.09.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged drink02 and dreams18 for reports88.
{003-} 07.17.13 - Wish Come True, got dies14.
{003-} 07.31.13 - Mastery, got shift09, strong19 and zanpakutou12.
{003-} 07.31.13 - Mastery, got shukaku16, rooster17, novelist06, away13, madness11, madness14, madness17 and madness19.
{003-} 08.01.13 - Mastery, got drill05, drill14, drill17, drill18, espada01, taboo, gel, 10th04, ballet08, balinese20 and punisher18.
{003-} 08.01.13 - Mastery, got fate40, typhoon13, madness01 and madness04.
{003-} 08.01.13 - Mastery, got axe11, watchdog18, dust02 and dust04.
{003-} 08.02.13 - Mastery, got neptune17, quincy15, ice01 and ice07.
{003-} 08.08.13 - Mod Pay, got gurren10, pantera05, dies02, trainer06, typhoon14, carrot07, plumber16, destiny110, dynast16, black07 and automail08.
{003-} 08.10.13 - Mastery, got galaxy06, heir12, typhoon07 and typhoon18.
{003-} 08.10.13 - Mastery, got dice13, left04, typhoon20 and black02.
{003-} 08.10.13 - Mastery, got priest16, distant07, black03 and black05.
{003-} 08.11.13 - Mastery, got bounty18, snow01, black12 and black13.
{003-} 08.13.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged nirvash01 and nirvash12 for black20.
{003-} 08.13.13 - Mastery, got berry07, split08, police01 and police04.
{003-} 08.14.13 - Level Up, level 12, got 1 a cert, protect07, energy02, celes16, victory03, yanki12, ginryuu20, ox04, automail18, beer06, owls12, fto02 and water09.
{003-} 08.14.13 - Level Up, level 13, got 1 a cert, wolf05, honey15, heir16, guns09, away03, lion01, watchdog15, airhead04, punisher05, tau02, uranus04, mind11 and phantom11
{003-} 08.14.13 - Mod Pay, got automail20, shark05, bite09, zangan19, cuffs10, spell12, puppet01, grin06, drink20, orphan02, jellopy94.
{003-} 08.15.13 - Mastery, got grin18, talk15, police05 and police06.
{003-} 08.19.13 - Card Shop, got short11.
{003-} 08.19.13 - Mod Pay, got shogi19, genome10, creation11, giraffe02, energy13, medic13, distant15, pantera19, cherry05, money04 and gemini17.
{003-} 08.22.13 - Card Shop, got ego16.
{003-} 09.04.13 - Mod Pay, got reverie20, prey05, squirrel16, shield17, peach17, pokedex115, bath09, strong07, kailu09, madness10 and sadist13.
{003-} 10.07.13 - Mod Pay, got voooi11, waves05, trigger17, shinra08, unlucky08, bounty04, gundam20, priest08, singer14, peach09 and mental17.
{003-} 10.07.13 - Mod Pay, got dice04, grin01, pokedex38, nobodies14, kailu07, deceit15, trigger08, snake04, pewter14, police07 and hat05.
{003-} 10.07.13 - Mod Pay, got wolf08, alchemy15, jenova04, squirrel05, partner13, fuuin37, rule08, oracle05, doctor16, future09 and camellia02.
{003-} 11.05.12 - Birthday, got 1 s cert, 1 b cert, hostess16, suitor20 and youkai08.
{003-} 11.11.13 - Mod Pay, got strahl16, kyuubi09, plumber07, gambler12, minions93, tau04, triforce06, guard12, dice19, d-point20 and pride12.
{003-} 11.11.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged shinra08 and nobodies14 for courtship02.
{003-} 01.02.14 - Card Exchange, exchanged disguise12 for mind04.
{003-} 11.13.13 - Mod Pay, got ishval08, destiny26, knives04, teeth17, giraffe06, pride07, photos01, pharaoh19, extreme11, visor09 and camellia12.
{003-} 11.20.13 - Mod Pay, got attack10, honey06, magic11, engeve17, chopin13, actress19, jagan17, kaede02, taijiya05, mage15 and gundam19.
{003-} 12.02.13 - Mod Pay, got 10th19, prey03, meister15, unlucky19, genome10, wind03, ashes19, clamp15, left20, minions58, xxxg05.
{003-} 01.05.13 - Mod Pay, got celes01, sitar08, symmetry11, creation18, chariot19, punisher11, eat20, sadist01, right09, voice01, memory17,burn10, norse16, objection03, viola04, beer04, mafia10, fate44, punisher14, gambler01, zanza14, mental18,prince05, swallow19, time17, heir02, fuuin01, actress01, phantom18, toad04, watchdog19, wind17, play06,victory10, solar13, pantera11, secret12, damsel05, knit20, windam09, minions134, knives02, destiny105, booty01,grin20, left16, strahl04, truth11, suitor18, prince08, phantom20, wizard18, lion17, rekka02, rookie01,burn13, soldier02, wood03, venus07, guitar14, loveless19,venus06, minions27, bad03, carrot15, rabbit20, ashes02, night16, elysion08, bite13, destiny91, bounty18, normal04, sage16, guitar05, drill20, rookie15, catholic17, waves01, fuuin48, reports31, resonance01, berry16, future15, snap08, forest17, dice01, 10th19, chopin17, strahl18, rival07, pretear06, drill08, teeth15, eat02, crossover03, extreme06, trigger08, scar02, trigger15, taijiya06, joker03, catcher02, jupiter02, fanservice09, carrier02, justice18, well09, griever04, hat05,>persocom19, jusenkyo19, destiny40, pokedex24, fuuin39, meister12, voooi19, neptune04, frown06, shield06, windam04, reports61, prince10, author01, ice01, hin05, cephiro17, future05, owls17, fish06, magician18, breadrolls, greenbeans, pumpkinpie, turkey, yams.
{003-} 01.06.14 - Roll Call, got growl20, 13th07 and rain10.
{003-} 01.06.14 - Card Exchange, exchanged xxxg05 for grin06.
{003-} 01.06.14 - Mastery, got indigo19, amnesia20, dice15, dice17, destiny27, onigiri02, bounty05, bounty06, distant09, visor08, bounty14, bounty19, delivery14, producer12, grin08, grin19, gambler14, warrior01, pantera01 and pantera03.
{003-} 03.03.14 - Mastery, Thanksgiving Event Set got hat13, hat14, hat19, fanservice01, farsketched, rashiea, gambler16, hosts04, forest16, silet03, wishes07.
{003-} 03.03.14 - Mod Pay, got hin13, rookie17, job15, hacker04, dark13, contract13, typhoon04, boiler12, wizard08, pipe19, visor15, taser11, chibi02, dexter55, fuuin08, loveless10, 11th08, time13, half10, minions37, megane02, assistant05, gurren04, boar03, count01, pantera09, 13th08, jupiter06, justice05, saturn04, shaman18, tiger01, kendama06, monkey16, lion01, rocket04, grasper16, money12, adopted17, destiny97, triforce10, ishval08, d-point05, guard17, four10, voooi12, partner09, lion12, sacrifice07, minions145, fate07, arrow01, colonel17, mars11, puppet10, swallow02, bounty12, teeth03, bite19, zangan13, honey13, evolve02, minions104, lost02, lion10, shaman17, yanki07, guns16, dexter66, ice05, rooster16, pokedex91, abridged02, night12, beer19, violin17, armor11, seiken20, mysterious14, cameo02, disguise11, shinra06, crossover18, lock08, mysterious09, resonance15, negaverse09, spira05.
{003-} 03.04.14 - Mastery, pantera, berry, watchdog, automail, gotei, punisher, butler, hat got persocom02, usagi09, watchdog13, watchdog17, junsekyo10, unlucky19, punisher17, punisher20, 10th17, meister04, butler06, bulter08, kansai19, anchor13, punisher07, punisher15, moonlight03, toad01, jupiter19, butler11, butler13, king01, grin03, victory01, bulter15, hat03, gavinners02, mars06, hat04, hat10, trainer10, star06, honey01, honey02.
{003-} 03.04.14 - No-Cert Mastery, pantera, berry, watchdog, automail, gotei, punisher, butler, hat got strong06, lost03, honey08, honey18, shaman11, limbs16, king04, king07, kidnap09, galactica07, king09, king10, duck16, swallow18, king12, king13, rooster11, destiny29, king15, king16, cherry12, triforce18, king19, king20, xxxg02, wolf12, dragon01, dragon02, catcher05, ishval09, honey19 and dragon05.
{003-} 03.04.14 - Level Up, level 14, got 1 a cert, emo17, zanza15, clamp17, sharingan06, orphan15, plumber02, gambler06, chosen15, destiny01, assistant03, author04, rooster19, sadist18 and japan10.
{003-} 03.05.14 - Mastery, honey, king got knives16, engeve16, dragon07, dragon08, destiny101, toad01, dragon17 and dragon10.
{003-} 03.05.14 - No-Cert Mastery, honey, king got vision07, martel15, dragon12, dragon14, rekka02, byakugan05, dragon15 and dragon06.
{003-} 03.05.14 - Mastery, dragon got trumpet16, nfu14, mystery03 and mystery06.
{003-} 03.05.14 - Card Shop, got rival04.
{003-} 03.05.14 - No-Cert Mastery, dragon got jailbait04, prey16, mystery15 and mystery16.
{003-} 03.06.14 - Card Shop, got rival05.
{003-} 03.10.14 - Card Shop, got fanservice10.
{003-} 03.10.14 - Card Exchange, exchanged extreme14 and little10 for mystery20.
{003-} 03.10.14 - Mastery, mystery got lunar16, butler06, 13th01 and 13th02.
{003-} 03.10.14 - No-Cert Mastery, mystery got pokedex73, dino01, 13th03 and 13th05.
{003-} 03.10.14 - Mod Pay, got destiny05, monster12, deceit06, mafia17, taser02, normal14, gotei06, producer19, visor06, acorn06 and engaged20.
{003-} 03.12.14 - Card Shop, got fanservice11.
{003-} 03.17.14 - Mod Pay, got orphan06, guns04, rooster12, bloom13, hostess03, tiger01, voice08, bloom15, silent04, elysion17 and camorra20.
{003-} 03.20.14 - Card Shop, got fanservice18.
{003-} 03.24.14 - Spring Mod Event, got chai, glace and doormouse.
{003-} 03.30.14 - Mod Pay, got vision20, well02, visored10, contract05, photos01, possess01, moero15, mafia05, jenova19, fanservice13 and mercury06.
{003-} 03.30.14 - Wish-Come True, got 13th06.
{003-} 03.30.14 - Mod Pay, got growl11, magician09, talk02, howl01, trigger19, nine02, windam04, fridge01, plumber16, 13th09 and 11th14.
{003-} 04.03.14 - Level Up, level 15, got 1 a cert, hosts09, bounty04, namek01, shark05, quincy17, engeve12, monkey08, thunder14, byakugan11, voooi13, heir07, rekka30, triforce01, 13th16 and rose20.
{003-} 04.03.14 - Card Shop, got away01.
{003-} 04.03.14 - Mastery, unbirthday event set got 13th12, 13th13, 13th14, rashiea, brigade, plumber01 and strahl12.
{003-} 04.04.14 - Card Shop, got 11th01.
{003-} 04.05.14 - Card Shop, got 11th19.
{003-} 04.06.14 - Exchanged 10th19 and bounty04 for 13th15 with card exchange.
{003-} 04.06.14 - Mod Pay, got genome10, rekka09, ribbon17, away20, fanservice12, fuuin20, revolver10, cook02, abridged01, ballet08 and howl20.
{003-} 04.07.14 - Card Shop, got betrayal06.
{003-} 04.08.14 - Card Shop, got betrayal10.
{003-} 04.09.14 - Card Shop, got betrayal15.
{003-} 04.09.13 - Contest 07 Voting, got summon14.
{003-} 04.10.14 - Card Shop, got betrayal19.
{003-} 04.14.14 - Card Shop, got betrayal20.
{003-} 04.14.14 - Mod Pay, got griever05, knowledge10, hacker10, disguise14, camellia07, pokedex118, ally15, sketch05, 13th17, rekka05 and fiendier2.
{003-} 04.14.14 - Exchanged rekka02 and rekka05 for 13th19 with card exchange.
{003-} 04.14.14 - Mastery, 13th got medic20, straight15, away02 and away04.
{003-} 04.15.14 - Card Shop, got howl09.
{003-} 03.15.14 - No-Cert Mastery, 13th got wind12, sharingan11, away05 and away08.
{003-} 04.16.14 - Card Shop, got bloom03.
{003-} 04.17.14 - Card Shop, got bloom20.
{003-} 04.18.14 - Card Shop, got snap04.
{003-} 04.20.14 - Card Shop, got snap11.
{003-} 04.27.14 - Mod Pay, got adopted05, eeveelyn, fuuin20, normal14, wind15, pewter07, dynast08, objection16, short02, doctor04 and thrill07.
{003-} 04.28.14 - Card Shop, got snap18.
{003-} 05.08.14 - Mod Pay, got grasper04, left03, chaos04, uranus17, mana08, zanza06, peace14, gamuza16, cameo03, sage11 and sacrifice07.
{003-} 05.18.14 - Mod Pay, got growl16, camellia09, away14, fox13, rain05, fiendie, shadow20, arrow11, sage09, fate16 and fanservice19.
{003-} 05.18.14 - Mod Pay, got shield05, fanservice08, growl12, plum14, wood12, clamp12, copy10, thief07, lock07, kailu07 and shuusaku14.
{003-} 05.29.14 - Mod Pay, got minions71, pretear19, norse09, trigger03, fanservice02, idiot01, jewel07, actress14, namek15, talk06 and phantom04.
{003-} 06.03.14 - Mod Pay, got usagi03, crossover10, thief15, sorry09, toad11, possess06, disguise07, ballet08, fridge06, shadow16 and scatter01.
{003-} 06.10.14 - Wish Come True, got growl01.
{003-} 06.13.14 - Mod Pay, got honey03, assistant13, japan06, normal08, ishval03, actor03, hachi18, bounty19, pokedex06, zanpakutou01 and bite06.
{003-} 06.29.14 - Mod Pay, got honorary01, zorashia08, winter04, greil12, fury03, fun20, ginryuu03, deceit16, nest01, boiler13 and fury13.
{003-} 06.21.14 - New Deck Comments, got fury02, fury10 and fury14.
{003-} 07.07.14 - Mod Pay, got mystery, time20, emperor09, losing12, white02, summon17, fury19, seer14, chaurffeur11, warrior04 and corsican18.
{003-} 07.17.14 - Roll Call, got fury17, inventor17, eizo17.
{003-} 08.04.13 - Event - Summer 2014, got clam, cowrie, crab, snail, turtle, urchin.
{003-} 10.04.14 - Mod Pay, got assistant10, shenhu13, sand12, gundam02, funsized02, kendama15, corsican14, squirrel09, eat07, reis09, hat03, wood05, confident14, yield09, buster09, minions57, pokedex29, howl14, pipe16, broom08, sage14, mau17, kitsune05, white02, make-up12, taijiya15, wizard06, design08, ethics18, loyal10, time19, minions119, flying19, gundam09, puu20, minions99, singer01, heir14, taiyoukai10, sand04, vanity11, visor19, replica10, fun13, ribbon01, taijiya08, relative19, 50014, criminal04, control09,pokedex53, island09, chibi17, spindle17, destiny26, resist04, abridged06, truth06, cherry15, gullible19, gurren07, lcie17, mecha17, buster12, dexter52, editor14, lcie05, orpheus19, chariot07, sage20, heartless19, emperor14, automail10, minions42, teacher06, trigger13, shinra03, buster14, poison14, dexter88, region03, yanki08, swears10, monster05, snake17, pacifier03, kyuubi16, bloom13, make-up03, trumpet02, sand18, child02, snow10, minions64, first05, suitor16, frown15, galactica03, fun15, ogre01, shuusaku12, namek12, spindle02, boxing19, partner02, shukaku11, celes10, shadow15, dice15, mars01, huns10, photos19, memory11, snap05, chauffeur12, persocom06, hunter10, ping13, rod15, fate21, peach09.
{003-} 10.04.13 - Card Exchange, exchanged ballet08 for bloom19.
{003-} 10.04.14 - Level Up level 16, got ranka, region07, pacifier05, ward03, kompeito17, destiny111, truth10, island04, occult10, jusenkyo10, fury05, hat12, puu02, jupiter07, pacifier19, mercury09, caipidi01.
{003-} 10.11.14 - Mastered, got weasel19, believe18, island09, dexter39, away11, away15, howl10, howl17, shiranui08, fury09, betrayal04, betrayal12, first17, mazoku18, 11th04, betrayal08, walt14, fun05, 11th111, bloom08, first19, producer16, 11th05, 11th10, solving09, clemente09, bloom17, bloom18, mercury16, dust04, moero01, moero06.
{003-} 10.16.14 - No Cert, fanservice, growl, away, howl, betrayal, 11th, bloom got jagan14, fuuin22, moero08, moero14, summon14, lexus18, quincy09, quincy12, greil04, joker12, quincy16, quincy19, renho13, peach05, shift03, shift04, shift07, shift08, producer11, chain19, madness12, battousai18, shift15, shift19, ashes02, seiryu15, scatter04, scatter05.
{003-} 10.16.14 - Mastered moero, quincy, shift, scatter, got talk20, claymore18, scatter06, scatter08, control05, guitar16, scatter09, scatter10, objection06, hit13, scatter14, gamuza02, atlantica09, white15, gamuza03.
{003-} 10.16.14 - No Cert moero, quincy, shift, scatter, got swallow20, walt11, gamuza09, gamuza12, devour12, persocom17, gamuza14, gamuza20, occult01, zelda18, snap07, snap12, flash15, ping19, snap19, fury01.
{003-} 10.16.14 - Mastered gamuza, snap, got fury04, fury06, fury07, fury12, ocarina17, healer03, winter09, squirrel20.
{003-} 10.16.14 - No Cert gamuza, snap, Mastered Shells, got donotwant01, walt01, fury15, fury16, viola08, fighter19, visored02, visored03, visored04, visored05, visored07, visored08, poptart86, shoujo_bubbles, fastball, gyabo09, hit18, tennis13, warrior18.
{003-} 10.17.14 - Mastered fury got spindle13, mazoku19, visored13 and visored15.
{003-} 12.21.14 - New Deck Comments, got atlantis12, atlantis16 and atlantis17.
{003-} 12.27.14 - Mod Pay, got trigger08, rod04, trigger04, destiny48, pun12, cherry12, greil06, transfer10, sun12, reis18, hit12, swallow20, thief01, assistant04, intern18, soldier08, chibi03, magician13, self07, disguise09, huns20, at08, winter03, april16, kendama02, destiny23, destiny102, castanets18, fate04, ocarina03, mars06, genius02, dagger13, butler02, heir16, thunder05, shadow03, doll02, bureau08, clemente20, uranus11, serious18, warrior07, blitz14, scatter11, snap20, visor02, jusenkyo19, editor07, fun10, pantera13, hit04, thunder13, sketch07, fighter05, doll09, squirrel10, scarlet12, visored20, arrow18, wood05, zorashia06, arrow02, suther09, inventor13, flash08, negaverse01, shadow07, arrow04, infinity07, emo10, visored16, snowman01, vice13, hunter20, walt15, rabbit20, axe07, winter05, buster02, sweet03, losing10, blitz09, buster01, suther12, daimon08, ashes19, jupiter04, ballet07, caipidi03, scarlet18, adopted05, 50015, novelist11, sweet20, nine01, sharingan13, kitsune20, mau05, clemente02, broom19, snap12, betrayal18, jumper18, losing19, butler05, rival02, spindle01, sharingan04, gamuza04, ping04, legend09, visor08, honor13, onigiri03, emperor13, moero18, anchor16, nest07, gambler04, architect05, tennis06, spindle17, pokedex80, sketch04, tau01, destiny66, p-chan07, japan20, tau08, thunder10, ham17, first15, tensai10, hyperion09, reindeer19, guitar06, future19, atlantis02, guitar20, forest17, reports32, 50020.
{003-} 12.27.14 - Mastered visored, got reindeer09, waves09, fun01 and fun03.
{003-} 12.27.14 - Mastered onsen event deck, got fun06, fun07, fun08, celestial, whitehorse, solving01 and lunar07.
{003-} 12.28.14 - Tcg_quiz week 109 submission, got rankc, clamp17, reports73, saturn06.
{003-} 1.3.15 - Tcg_quiz week 108 voting, got corsican06, child13.
{003-} 1.21.15 - Mod Pay, got island11, destiny93, byakugan18, replica13, honor13, courtship16, rival02, shenhu16, hit02, waves11, ox19, d-point04, winter20, walt07, racer18, nanyate02, father15, antagonists09, ballet07, fun12, chain05, atlantis20, shadow14, shukaku16, claymore01, mars06, 13th09, nest04, cyborg20, trumpet06, white06, rival03, fun11.
{003-} 3.11.15 - Mod Pay, got sai20, humanity14, minions12, holy17, mariner04, winter11, daimao15, father18, symmetry19, composer01, guppy01,reindeer07, antagonists11, lab20, swallow10, scariest02, huns05, tennis16, varia18, duck14, fish18, jailbait08, summon07, ethics18, pokedex144, medic11, seer15, well02, chariot15, wishes16, transfer02, drink05, dancer09, atlantis19, atlantis03, fridge13, mage12, rekka13, boots18, owls19, fuuin12, visor20, mecha08, indolent01, axe05, damsel05, fridge03, future12, blitz17, growl13, zanza13, water14, job12, fun09, transfer09, broom12, actor03, ballet01, hanyou15, cherry13, kendama09, mercury03, kidnap09, energy16, satire19, greil01, mercury08, producer08, holy14, cuffs01, ham08, artist08, viola18, nest06, composer15, youkai09, duck16.
{003-} 2.15.15 - Uri's Backlog got honorary04, honorary15, island02, hit11, walt05, walt07, walt17, atlantis08, ping06, snowman03, snowman08, snowman15, spindle05, spindle15, summer03, splat04, splat10, splat11, splat15, zanpakutou04, zanpakutou08, zanpakutou17, zanpakutou18, zanpakutou20, perfect15, pipe15, pipe16, pipe19, poison01, poison02, poison07, poison13, poison15, prey02, priest07, priest11, primrose07, primrose19, producer07, producer14, producer17, producer18, producer19, protect04, protect20, pudding05, pudding09, punisher18, puzzle05, quest02, quest65, radical03, rapier03, rapier10, rapier12, rat13, rat15, rayearth04, rayearth05, reis04, reis10, reis12, relative19, renho08, renho09, renho16, renho18, renho20, report01, report06, report14, resist04, resist07, resist12, revenge02, revenge13, reverie01, reverie15, revolver01, revolver04, ribbon04, ribbon16, rings01, rings09, rival04, rival06, rival11, rival15, rival16, rival17, rival20, symmetry02, symmetry07, symmetry10, symmetry11, symmetry20, rocket12, rumors14, rumors15, rumors18, sadist04, sadist12, sadist13, sadist20, sage01, sai14, sakujo13, sandrock09, sanity10, sanity19, sannin13, saturn01, scar04, scar10, scar15, scar18, scarf08, scarlet01, scarlet05, scarlet10, scatter01, scatter10, scatter13, scatter18, seal15, secret19, secretary01, secretary14, seer01, seer03, seer09, seer15, seiken04, seiken19, self07, self08, self12, senpai10, shadow02, shark05, shark06, shark10, shark14, shark16, shenhu10, sherry06, sherry17, shield01, shield10, shogi05, short05, short13, short15, short16, short17, shukaku09, shukaku13, shuusaku01, shuusaku02, shuusaku05, shuusaku06, shuusaku11, shuusaku18, shuusaku20, silent02, silent03, silent06, singer05, sinner04, sister08, sister15, sitar06, sitar06, sitar07, sitar17, sketch07, sketch09, sketch11, sketch17, sky08, sky19, slacker06, slayer02, sleep18, smile14, smokes02, smokes06, smokes13, smokes16, snake05, solar06, soldier07, solving01, solving03, sos05, sos16, souen08,.
{003-} 3.11.15 - Level Up level 17, got ranka, scariest18, mage03, summon17, hope03, pokedex125, youma08, rule18, nine18, scariest03, ally16, rekka16, personified09, dymlos08, lion12, mage17, eidolons10, celes03.
{003-} 3.11.15 - Level Up level 18, got ranka, solving18, voice18, nanyate01, sand10, clamp18, meister01, faction13, bird06, disney12, chosen09, crush14, catholic07, jailbait17, gavinners14, pokedex09, minions145, walt15, kaiser02.
{003-} 3.12.15 - Level Up level 19, got ranka, reis07, japan06, seiryu09, wood08, madamada07, april03, fayth10, gale13, chauffeur03, pokedex119, galactica01, believe05, composer13, weasel19, jumper04, wishes11, trumpet17, chosen11, genome15.
{003-} 03.13.15 - New Deck Release, got humanity16, humanity10, humanity09.
{003-} 03.13.15 - Card Exchange, exchanged clamp17 for honor15.
{003-} 03.13.15 - Mastery, Fun, Walt, Nest, Atlantis, Reindeer and Snowman got atlantis05, atlantis06, atlantis09, reindeer01, reindeer14, reindeer15, reindeer18, snowman04, snowman10, snowman16, snowman18, hit05, hit10, hit14, hit16, jusenkyo12, eidolons15, minions139, zanpakutou15, destiny64, habit09, p-chan11, persocom09, jupiter15, vanity12, hunter13, ham-ham06, guitar03, dexter47 and hyperion16.
{003-} 03.13.15 - No-Cert Mastery, Fury, Visored, Fun, Walt, Nest, Atlantis, Reindeer and Snowman got hit16, hit17, spindle03, spindle04, spindle06, spindle07, spindle14, spindle19, honor03, honor04, honor06, honor07, honor09, honor12, summer10, summer13, bell04, maple15, kompeito04, adopted08, bath03, photos04, chaos04, grail04, negamoon10, anchor01, claymore02, duck06, shift20, knit08, nerd08 and pokedex58.
{003-} 03.13.15 - Mastery, Hot Pot got summer14, summer15, summer17, honorary02, honorary05, mobiuswolf, celestial, maker03, renho19, renho15 and gene18.
{003-} 03.13.15 - Mastery, Hit, Spindle, Honor, Island and Summer got island05, island07, island15, summer19, summer20 winter07, winter08, winter12, gavinners01, snake05, daimon15, sos11, bessie06, hbd17, guppy12, donotwant04, zorashia15, 11th17 and create18.


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